Our crew has the skills and resources to tackle any exterior project. We work carefully and safely, and we produce great results every time.

Here's how we do it:

1. The house is power-washed 2-4 weeks before painting begins (if necessary).

2. Loose and peeling paint is scraped and sanded.

3. Any bare wood or surfaces are primed.

4. Filled areas are primed (to prevent flashing).

5. Measures are taken to protect pathways, driveways, and plants. However, plants growing close to areas that need painting will have to be pulled away from the house in order to paint behind them, and some damage may occur.

6. Paint will be applied using brushes, rollers, and a sprayer (where suitable).

7. Contrasting lines will be clean cut.

8. Left over paint will be marked and left for future touch-ups.

9. Empty paint cans will be recycled.

10. All Garbage is removed.